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      Our company, U.S. T&D Power Systems, Inc., operates as a representative of various international manufacturers, working and regularly coordinating with them to promote and distribute their products within the Philippine market.

     Our cooperation with highly reliable and prudently chosen global manufacturers who share our principles and commitment to superior quality products, client-centric work ethics, and competitive pricing gives us a distinct advantage.

      We develop strategic programs for the products we represent, and as such promote and distribute them to be accepted and accredited by major Philippine electric power utilities and industries. We build strong relationships, not only with our principals, but most especially with our customers, to ensure success in developing the market for the products we offer to the electrical industry. We have developed solid relations with our customers by focusing on their strengths and utilizing these for their own benefit. We presently represent and offer a wide range of product lines for the power, energy and telecommunications and the IT industries, i.e. disconnect switches, power transformers, fiber cables.

     We work well within the framework of our mission and vision, to ensure the stability of our company and therefore enhance our values and principles. We affiliated ourselves with global companies and with our network of clients serving major industries in the Philippines as well .

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